CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS, a progressive model in which each one of the women invited will present for 10 minutes, her artistic work, visual or theoretic. This invitation to artists, authors and personalities of Porto, aims at exposing the voice and artistic practice of a group of women whose role for the cultural management of the city is important, and thus presented in analogy to the text Conference of Birds, establishes another format Discussion about the diversity and power of this presence and its role in the constitution of the history of the arts today.

In this way, it is sought to re-perspective the modes of representation of work and the different focuses that each one has.



14h-15h30 | Lecture by Marinela Freitas

15h30-16h | Screening: Yodel Portrait Doreen Kutzke, video of Myriam Van Imschoot

16h-20h | Interventions by Alexandra Balona, Ana Carvalho, Anja Calas, Eduarda Neves, Fátima São Simão, Francisca Valente, Mara Andrade, Maria Bleck Holroyd Soares, Marta Almeida, Marina Costa, Márcia Novais, Né Barros, Patrícia Vieira Campos, Rebecca Moradalizadeh, Rute Rosas, Sandra Araújo, Sofia Arriscado, Vera Mota and more guests to be confirmed

|/ Location: Salão Nobre dos Bombeiros Voluntários do Porto



14h-15h30 | Lecture by Ana Gabriela Macedo

15h30-16h | Screening: Yodel Portrait Phil Minton, video by Myriam Van Imschoot

16h-20h | Interventions by Alejandra Jaña Montecinos, Ana Deus, Ana Ulisses, Carolina Amaral, Cristina Mateus, Cristina Regadas, Isabel Barros, Isabel Lhano, Joana Castro, Joana Couceiro, Joana Providência, Magda Seifert, Manuela Dos Campos, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Maria de Guerra, Marta Bernardes, Rosi Avelar, Sara Barbosa, Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Susana Otero and more guests to be confirmed

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